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Outside Indoors: How to Care for Your Christmas Tree

Learn the Proper Care for Your Christmas Tree This Season One of the best centerpieces of any home during Christmas is the tree. From finding the perfect one to decorating it, to enjoying the ambiance it provides when lit, Christmas trees are the heart of your decor for the season. Live trees are a favorite […]

How to Protect Yourself from Lawn Frost

Do You Know How Lawn Frost Is Damaging Your Yard? Homeowners in New Jersey are feeling the December chill these days. As long as your heat is working, you can stay warm on even the coldest of days. Your lawn isn’t as lucky though since it sees first hand just how harsh the cold winter […]

How To Care for Newly Planted Trees In The Winter

Make Sure Your Newly Planted Trees Grow Up Healthy Winter months in New Jersey are usually unpredictable with low temperatures, snowfall, and ice. As individuals, we have the opportunity to hide away indoors, but the plants, trees, and shrubs are stuck outside all winter long. Newly planted trees are especially susceptible to harsh temperatures of […]

The Proper Way to Garden Compost

Stay Green With These Garden Compost Tips Composting is beneficial for gardens because it feeds the soil, giving it the necessary nutrients to become stronger and ward off diseases. Studies show that composting helps reduce methane gases which are 120 times more harmful to the environment than carbon monoxide. Since the average American household throws […]

Lawn Mowing Patterns: What’s Best for Your Yard?

Lawn Mowing Patterns To Keep Your Yard Fresh For some mowing is just another task on their spring and summer to-do lists. However, for others, it is an art or a way to express their creativity through lawn mowing patterns. Through the years there have been many questions on whether or not the direction in […]

Lawn Allergies: What You Can Do to Help

How To Take Care of Your Lawn Allergies Lawn maintenance is a necessary task, but for those that struggle with seasonal allergies, it can be challenging to stay on top of it all. Since lawn allergies are common, there are thankfully plenty of options to help minimize the symptoms. Lawn allergies can occur in the […]

Landscaping Tips for Your Yard

Check Out These Landscaping Tips to Update Your Exterior As the leaves begin to change colors to breath-taking hues of red and orange in New Jersey, many homeowners think they can take a break from landscaping. While the change in scenery makes everything look better, there is still plenty to be done heading into winter […]

Best Fall Flowers to Plant This Season

These Fall Flowers Will Transform Your Yard’s Look As the air turns crisp and cool, leaves change colors, and pumpkins can be found on many porches, many think that planting season has come to an end. For some, the cooler temperatures are a good reason to stay inside, but there is still time to plant […]

Shrubs and Bushes: How To Tell The Difference

What’s The Difference Between Shrubs and Bushes? One of the best ways to improve a home’s appearance is to invest time in taking care of the lawn and investing time in landscaping. When it comes to landscaping, plenty of homeowners choose to plant shrubs and bushes to add depth, curb appeal, and privacy around their […]

Leaf Removal: Should I Rake or Keep Leaves?

Leaf Removal Isn’t Always Necessary As the temperatures drop in New Jersey, the beautiful green leaves are beginning to change colors to lovely hues of orange and red. While it is a breath-taking sight, the trees that offer much-needed shade during the hot months of summer can quickly be resented by homeowners when leaves fall […]