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Beautiful Fall Foliage

It won't be long until hot summer days are replaced with brisk weather, flip flops with hoodies, and the apple spice versus pumpkin spice debate ensues. While the end of summer is sad for many, one of the great things about living in the northeast is having the chance to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage that appears in the fall season.

Wildlife In Your Backyard

Great Ways To Get Wildlife In Your Backyard Many of us enjoy watching wildlife and discovering birds, butterflies, frogs, and rabbits in your yard is an almost magical experience. Creating a serene backyard that provides the opportunity to relax and reflect is a dream for many New Jersey homeowners. As these conditions don’t just happen […]

The Best Way To Remove Fleas

Here Are 7 Of The Best Ways To Remove Fleas Dogs and cats are known for the joy they bring to the families that care for them daily. Having a four-legged friend in the house also means you are more susceptible to unwanted pests, including fleas. When it comes to treating fleas, there is a […]

Lawn Mowing Patterns

It's no secret that the key to growing a beautiful lush landscape has everything to do with proper lawn maintenance. Mowing is typically a weekly task that homeowners look forward to every year. However, as the summer winds down, it can quickly become boring and monotonous. If mowing has become a task you no longer enjoy, maybe it's time to channel your inner creativity with some new lawn mowing patterns.

Common Composting Myths

6 Composting Myths Revealed There is no denying that the environment is changing. From replacing SUV’s with electric cars to only buying products made from recycled materials, many individuals are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint in their daily activities. There are many things people can do to help lessen their negative impact […]

Know When to Aerate and Overseed

Core aeration and overseeding are a sure-fire way to make sure your beautiful yard returns like clockwork, year after year. And knowing when to aerate is half the battle. So, let's explore some of the main benefits of core aeration and overseeding in the fall.

The Need For Lush Grass

5 Tips & Tricks For Lush Grass While emerald green lawns are a common movie staple, it’s safe to say that the reality is a little different. Crabgrass and dandelions are common culprits that ruin this dream in New Jersey. If your backyard is struggling this summer, it may be time to make some changes […]

North American Fruit Trees

Which North American Fruit Trees Should You Plant? Fresh fruit and summertime go hand in hand. Whether you enjoy homemade cobblers, ice cream, or cheesecake, fresh fruit makes everything better. Many New Jersey homeowners are looking to their backyards to plant fruit trees, creating their own mini orchard. Planting fruit trees in your backyard allows […]

Mosquito Facts 101

Some fun mosquito facts are that mosquitoes don’t have teeth, they are less active in the afternoon, they are attracted to lactic acid, and more. Continue reading here!

Horsefly Prevention 101

Discourage horseflies from ruining your summer by using disposable fly traps, permanent traps, wearing light-colored clothing, mowing often, and more. Continue reading!

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