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Perennial's Seasonal Lawn Care Program

Seasonal Lawn Care Program

Creating and maintaining a beautiful lawn takes more than just regular watering and lawn maintenance. At Perennial, we believe that providing the best products, at the correct time of the season, is the only road to success. Using tools such as individualized soil testing and turf analysis we can determine the best program for your property, and then apply the right amount of nutrients and to establish a healthy lawn with beautiful color and growth.

Our Seasonal Lawn Care Program consists of seven applications applied approximately 4-6 weeks apart during our 6 annual visits

Step #1

(Early Spring)

Early Season Fertilizer combined with crabgrass and broadleaf pre-emergent.

Step #2

(Mid to Late spring)

Spring Fertilizer applied with essential dandelion and broadleaf weed control.

Step #3

(Early Summer)

Early Summer Fertilizer combined with surface feeding insect control and broadleaf weed control.

Step #4


Late Summer Organic Fertilizer and broadleaf weed control.

Step #5

(Early Fall)

Fall Organic Fertilizer combine with late season broadleaf weed control.

Step #6

(Late Fall)

High Potassium organic winter fertilizer.

Step #7

(Spring or Fall)

Lime / Solu-Cal enhance clacitic lime maintains the correct soil pH while boosting a plants ability to convert vital nutrients for immediate intake. University studies have shown that Solu-Cal breaks down into the soil up to 5x’s faster than traditional pelletized lime and will help our applications work to the best of their potential.

Dandelion weed control information

Weed Control

Our seasonal lawn care weed control begins in the early spring with a crabgrass and broadleaf weed pre-emergent application.  This treatment will help reduce new weeds from germinating.  To control existing weeds we apply liquid post-emergent weed killer throughout the season.   With each visit to your property we will continue to spot treat the weeds keeping the weed population under control.

Disease Control

Your lawn is susceptible to a wide variety of harmful lawn diseases that can attack your turf. Most lawn diseases are caused by fungi that live off of your grass. These can affect your lawn resulting in areas of spots, circles, patches, and/or strange colors ranging from brown, to yellow, to red. A healthy lush lawn is the best defense, but if fungus diseases do appear in your turf, we offer treatments and programs to bring them under control. The best way to control lawns that are susceptible to disease is to schedule preventative applications.

Lawn being treated to optimize growth before summer
Green, yellow, and black caterpillar crawling on wood

Preventative Grub Control

Applied in the late spring through early summer, our preventative grub control application assists in protecting your lawn from the devastation caused by Grubs. Grubs are a product of the larvae of the adult beetle. A common sign of grub activity is if your turf can be rolled up like a carpet due to the extensive feeding on the roots. Additionally, a lawn being ripped up by animals such as birds, moles, and skunks is another sign of grubs being present. Our preventative application is a highly recommended product for our customers.

Core Aeration and Seeding

Recommended for the early fall, aeration is the mechanical process of removing soil cores/plugs from your thatch and soil and depositing them above the thatch layer. This process will alleviate soil compaction, promote expansion of your lawns root system, and allow water, nutrients, and air to be absorbed. After the lawn is core aerated we always recommend that the lawn be over-seeded with the type of grass seed that is appropriate for the growing environment of the property.

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