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Preventing Winter Damage

Winter damage is often unsightly with brown or bare patches throughout the yard. The good news is that winter damage can be reversed.

Fertilizer Numbers 101

What Are Fertilizer Numbers and Why Do We Need Them? The best looking lawns, gardens, and plants all have one thing in common – they need specific nutrients to flourish. While dirt offers most of these nutrients, not all soil is created equally. For plants to thrive, test the soil to understand the pH levels […]

Exploring New York State

New York is well-known for its city-life and a variety of cultural activities that many enjoy throughout the warmer months. However, the beautiful state of New York offers plenty to do during these cold days of winter.

Deciphering Beneficial Insects Vs. Pests

Some insects are beneficial to the backyard and garden. Understanding the difference between beneficial insects vs. pests is a vital part of lawn care.

Winter Pruning Tips 101

Plants are dormant during the cold months, winter is the best time to tackle pruning. Winter pruning and shrub care can encourage better growth in the spring.

Winter Lawn Maintenance for the East Coast

Your Winter Lawn Maintenance Landscaping Guide Homeowners spend plenty of time outdoors tending to their lawn and landscape in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Many choose to pause their efforts during the winter thanks to the cold temperatures we can expect in the northeast this time of year. Even though the grass is dormant […]

Sound Hot Tub Maintenance

5 Hot Tub Maintenance Tips You Need to Know This Winter These short, cold winter days in New Jersey usually force many residents to spend more time indoors than they’d like. Those that have a hot tub at home may consider winterizing it for the colder months, but plenty of people choose to enjoy their […]

How You Can Help Wildlife This Winter

For those looking to assist animals during these rough months, there are ways that you can help wildlife from home this winter.

A Winter Wonderland in Your Own Backyard

For those tired of being stuck indoors, there are still plenty of activities that individuals can partake in to enjoy your own backyard this winter season.

Winterizing Your Vegetable Garden

How Winterizing Your Vegetable Garden Ensures A Successful Spring With the frigid temperatures and the continuous chance for snow, not many New Jersey homeowners garden through winter. However, even though it’s not a prime time for gardening, there are still steps you can take now to prepare for spring. Winterizing your vegetable garden reduces the […]

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