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Lawn Sprinkler Tips: Should I Water My Lawn As Temperatures Drop?

Do I Need a Lawn Sprinkler In The Fall? Creating the perfect backyard with beautiful green grass is an ongoing dream for many homeowners; a dream that causes homeowners to spring into action with consistent lawn care, including mowing, fertilizing, weeding, and setting lawn sprinkler timers to water the grass. As we head into cooler […]

Is Your Grass Turning Yellow?

What To Do When Your Grass Is Green On Top and Brown On Bottom The secret to growing a perfect green lawn is balance. Sunlight, fertilization, lawn treatments, mowing, and proper watering all play a factor is create a lush, emerald green landscape. When one of these components of great lawn care is left for […]

Flea and Tick Treatment Is a Year-Round Job

Why You Need To Keep Up With Flea and Tick Treatment Fleas and ticks are more than a typical backyard nuisance; they can be dangerous to your pets, children, visitors, and yourself. Too often, homeowners think they only have to be concerned with ticks and fleas in the summer months. The truth is they are […]

Where Do Ticks Hide In The Fall?

It’s Time To Start Asking Yourself “Where Do Ticks Hide?” Before Its Too Late Ticks are a common concern in New Jersey during summer months, causing many residents to take necessary precautions to protect their pets and children from bites. But just because the summer season is winding down, doesn’t mean that ticks will simply […]

The Importance of Late Season Pest Control Application

Keep Up With Pest Control Application All Season With fall just around the corner, most New Jersey residents are thinking about back-to-school activities, falls sports, and cool, crisp air. It’s that time of year when so much is happening that we tend to put lawn care and pest control on the back burner, thinking it […]

Everyday Lawn Care Myths Debunked

Don’t Believe These Everyday Lawn Care Myths A lawn is often a homeowner’s pride and joy because it offers a place you can work off daily stress and see results from your hard work. Everyday lawn care is also an area that everybody seems to have an opinion about – from how often you need […]

Common Types of Weeds

A List of Common Types of Weeds You’ll Find in Your Yard A beautiful backyard is every homeowner’s dream, isn’t it? After taking diligent care of your lawn every week, the last thing you want to see are dreaded weeds popping up and ruining its appearance. The good news is a weed-free lawn isn’t just […]

These Natural Insect Repellent Plants Are A Must Have

Check Out What These Natural Insect Repellent Plants Can Do If there is anything that can ruin a backyard gathering, it is the presence of pesky bugs. Before you head to the store for insect repellant supplies that can leave behind an overwhelming smell and require continued application, you should consider natural insect repellent plants. […]

The Latest Update on the Zika Virus

Is The Zika Virus Still a Threat? Summer is the perfect time for family vacations and trips abroad. It is also during these months that mosquitoes become a visitor to backyards across New Jersey. With the rise in mosquitoes, comes increased worry about the potential dangers they carry with them. One of the harmful diseases […]

Lawn Problems: What Are These Brown Spots?

Debunking Common Lawn Problems You put a lot of effort into maintaining your lawn so it looks lush and has that emerald green color everybody wants. In addition to the ordinary weeds that sprout and cause an eyesore, you also have to be concerned when brown spots make an appearance. Before you automatically assume you […]