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Plant Your Garden Now: It’s Not Too Early

Plant Your Garden In The Winter? Why Not? February is an unpredictable month when it comes to which season it sides with. Some years include warmer temperatures and other years, New Jersey is still covered in snow. The unpredictability and chilly temperatures leave many thinking it isn’t the right time to plant a garden. Instead […]

Organic Lawn Care Schedule

Organic Lawn Care Tips To Keep Your Yard Healthy Lawn care is a serious task in New Jersey, with homeowners taking great pride in creating beautiful, emerald green lawns that impress. While it is common to mow, fertilize, and treat lawns with chemicals, it is not the only way to create a memorable landscape. As […]

How to Buy Good Quality Grass Seed

Picking Out Quality Grass Seed For Your Yard When most individuals think about grass, mowing and weeding are the first things that come to mind. While both are important steps in creating a beautiful lawn to enjoy, the first step in growing that lawn is choosing quality grass seed for initial seeding and annual re-seeding. […]

Benefits of Wildflowers To Your Yard

Take Advantage of These Benefits of Wildflowers Spring will soon arrive in New Jersey, leaving many homeowners thinking about their lawn, landscape, and gardens. Before deciding on what flowers to plant or landscape additions to focus on, homeowners should consider adding wildflowers to their backyard. The benefits of wildflowers include more than just looking beautiful; […]

The Dangers of Dog Poop in Your Yard

You Might Want To Clean Up The Dog Poop In Your Yard… Deciding to adopt or buy a dog is an exciting venture for any family or individual. Snuggles, playtime, morning and evening walks are just a few of the joys of adding a four-legged family member to your home. One of the things many […]

8 Ways To Prepare Your Lawn For Spring

Spruce It Up: Prepare Your Lawn For Spring Spring days and warmer temperatures are not too far away making it the perfect time to start planning how to prepare your lawn for spring. After months of lying dormant under snow and ice, grass is often weak appearing brown and tired. Thankfully there is hope, and […]

Lawn Aeration in the Winter

Reasons Lawn Aeration in the Winter is Important As fall turns into winter, many homeowners find themselves indoors more often. The cold New Jersey temperatures can be harsh, making yard maintenance less than enjoyable. Before homeowners get too cozy inside, lawn aeration in the winter is essential to maintaining a healthy lawn all year long. […]

Lawn and Snow Removal: Tips For This Winter

Tips and Tricks for Lawn Snow Removal Very few homeowners dedicate time to their lawn all year-long with the intent to have it ruined when winter weather arrives. That is often what occurs after a year of mowing, fertilizing, treatments, and seeding. When the first big snowstorm arrives during the winter, the furthest thing from […]

6 Tips For Protecting Your Winter Lawn

Keep Your Winter Lawn Safe From The Weather When it comes to winter lawn care, mowing may be over, but there are still some steps homeowners can take to protect the grass from winter weather. Taking care of your lawn now will assure it grows into a vibrant and lush landscape when spring returns with […]

What Happens to Ticks in the Winter?

Should I Worry About Ticks in the Winter? The nights are getting longer, and temperatures are dropping – winter is in full swing. Since many bugs go into hiding during these chilly months, you’re probably also wondering what happens to those pesky ticks in the winter. It’s true; ticks are more active during the spring, […]