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The Need For Lush Grass

5 Tips & Tricks For Lush Grass While emerald green lawns are a common movie staple, it’s safe to say that the reality is a little different. Crabgrass and dandelions are common culprits that ruin this dream in New Jersey. If your backyard is struggling this summer, it may be time to make some changes […]

North American Fruit Trees

Which North American Fruit Trees Should You Plant? Fresh fruit and summertime go hand in hand. Whether you enjoy homemade cobblers, ice cream, or cheesecake, fresh fruit makes everything better. Many New Jersey homeowners are looking to their backyards to plant fruit trees, creating their own mini orchard. Planting fruit trees in your backyard allows […]

Mosquito Facts 101

Some fun mosquito facts are that mosquitoes don’t have teeth, they are less active in the afternoon, they are attracted to lactic acid, and more. Continue reading here!

Horsefly Prevention 101

Discourage horseflies from ruining your summer by using disposable fly traps, permanent traps, wearing light-colored clothing, mowing often, and more. Continue reading!

Do You Have A Patchy Yard?

Solutions to repair a patchy yard include identifying the cause, breaking up the soil, adding grass seed, and more. Continue reading here!

Why Do We Need Grass?

A backyard should be a place where homeowners spend their evenings relaxing, entertaining, or watching their children run and play. While it sounds promising, yards also come with plenty of work and responsibility that leave many with the desire to get rid of it. Have you ever wondered - why do we need grass? It turns out that grass is more beneficial than you may think.

Tick Facts 101

An awareness of ticks is likely not something we enjoy having on our radar, but being a resident of New Jersey, we need to understand the issues that come with having these little buggers around. We've put together a list of tick facts we think you should know below.

Lawn Fertilizer Spreader

Turning your lawn into a beautiful masterpiece requires more than just weekly mowing. Proper seeding, pest control, and fertilizer are also vital components of any great lawn care program. And since summer is practically here, it's the perfect time to apply fertilizer to help the grass grow to its full potential. This means it's time to get the lawn fertilizer spreader out the shed and put it to good use. Like any piece of machinery or equipment, proper maintenance and usage are critical in seeing desired results.

Flooded Trees in the Summer

New Jersey often sees plenty of rain in the springtime. Rain is necessary to help plants, grass, and trees grow, but it can also be harmful when there's too much of it. Heavy rainfall in a short amount of time can cause flooding as the ground becomes over saturated. Trees can be impacted by excessive rain as well, requiring quick attention to minimize the adverse effects. Learn how to manage flooded trees and why time is crucial with our favorite tips outlined below.

Dead Lawn Vs. Dormant Lawn

As we head into summer, a common concern for New Jersey homeowners is whether or not their grass will survive under the hot sun and dry weather. Nobody enjoys looking at a brown yard, and most think that once brown spots appear or the grass changes color, they have a dead lawn. The truth is, a brown yard doesn't automatically equate to a dead lawn. It is possible that the grass has gone dormant instead.

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