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Making The Most Out Of Fall Leaves

As leaves continue to fall in New Jersey, many homeowners spend their evenings and weekends raking and bagging them, struggling to keep up. While jumping in the leaves is appealing to children, most adults are looking to check this annual task off their never-ending to-do list. If filling bag after bag has lost its appeal, there are other uses for fall leaves that homeowners could consider.

Pest Control During the Fall

Now that summer has come and gone, many New Jersey residents are ready for the cooler temperatures and comfortable evenings spent outside. Fall is also a promise that the endless yard work will soon come to an end. Even though lawn tasks slow down this time of year, homeowners should be aware that pests are still a common problem in our area. Fleas, ticks, ants, and termites often become a bigger problem as the weather cools down, making pest control during the fall a continued priority.

How to Deal with Fall Weeds

Now that fall has arrived, many homeowners are focused on football games, cool nights, and fewer yard tasks to tackle every week. However, lawn care is a year-round job that isn’t over just yet. The lower temperatures and shorter days prompt fall weeds and perennials, like Canada thistle, marestail, and dandelion, to prepare for winter by transferring sugars to their roots. Homeowners should take action to prevent these weeds from establishing stronger roots and prevent new weeds from germinating.

Halloween Lawn Damage

The countdown to Halloween has begun, and many neighborhoods are preparing for annual trick-or-treat nights and handing out candy to kids dressed in costume. While safety is often and should be a priority for households choosing to participate in the festive tradition, homeowners should also consider ways to prevent possible lawn damage cause by over eager kids. As trick-or-treaters set out to visit their neighbors, even the best kids can be tempted to take shortcuts through yards to grab their treats.

Fun Facts: Evergreens

Homeowners often look to plant trees to break up a monotonous landscape or to add privacy to an open backyard. There are many tree options for homeowners to plant in New Jersey. One of the most popular choices is evergreens. In addition to being an excellent option for privacy, they help prevent wind from hitting a house full force.

Fall Scale Control

As homeowners prepare to spend more time indoors over the fall and winter months, many spend time sprucing it up. From festive fall and holiday decorations to indoor houseplants, there are plenty of ways to add more energy to a home. Unfortunately, adding houseplants to a home also opens the door to certain pests known as scale insects. We’ve outlined the most essential things you need to know about fall scale control below.

The Benefits Of Rain Gutters

Rain is a common occurrence for New Jersey residents and often welcomed by those with gardens, lawns, or trees in need of water. However, too much rain can be detrimental to a homeowner's property, including their house. One element that helps protect a home and the surrounding land from too much rain are rain gutters.

Ready For Fall

When fall arrives, most homeowners stop thinking about lawn care and start preparing inside for the arrival of winter and the holiday season. Even as temperatures fall, lawns still need some attention. The steps homeowners take in getting the yard ready for fall directly impacts what it will look like when spring arrives. Before you put the tractor away for good, take a look at these fall lawn care tips that you can’t afford to ignore.

Fun Facts: Fall Leaves

The days are numbered until fall arrives with its promise of cooler nights, shorter days, backyard fires, and football. Chances are, you have already noticed some signs that fall's arrival is upon us. Fall leaves are a beautiful sight with their bright yellow, orange, and red hues that liven up the horizon. Whether you enjoy the fall leaves from your backyard or travel to enjoy their beauty, we bet you didn't know these fun facts.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Your Perfect Guide To Fall Home Maintenance As Labor Day weekend comes and goes, and students are back in school, many homeowners begin to think about getting ready for the long New Jersey winter. As we head into fall, now is an excellent time for homeowners to create a master list of fall home maintenance […]

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