5 Ways to Protect Your Pool and Yard from Mosquitoes

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5 Ways to Protect Your Pool and Yard from Mosquitoes

Small but mighty, mosquitoes can ruin your backyard fun in no time at all. Over the years, they have been known for the itchy bumps they leave behind after a bite. Today, they are a more serious threat carrying diseases like West Nile Virus and Zika Virus. Mosquitoes thrive in warm temperatures making summer the prime time for their appearance.

Female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at one time and go through their entire lifecycle, egg, larvae, pupa, flying, in less than a week. Here are five ways to protect your pool and yard from mosquitoes this summer.

  1. Maintain Your Landscape

Overgrown grass and weeds is a magnet attracting mosquitoes to take claim of your backyard. Mosquitoes may thrive in hot weather, but they also need a break, and tall grassy areas are the perfect spot for them to find shade on hot sunny days.

Proper care and maintenance of your lawn including consistently mowing, trimming, and killing weeds helps prevent mosquitoes from making a home in these shady areas.

  1. Cover Your Pool

Mosquitoes only need a small amount of water to lay their eggs and leaving your pool uncovered night and day makes it easy for them to infest it. Cover your pool with a sturdy material free of holes. Inspect it often to assure there are no cracks or holes allowing water to seep through.

  1. Cut the Lights

Mosquitoes, like any bugs, are attracted to light when the sun goes down. If you are hosting a backyard soiree or spending time outside in the evening, turn off bright outdoor lights if possible. Opt, instead, to use tiki torches or citronella candles that emit a smell mosquito’s dislike and will keep that away.

  1. Remove Areas of Pooled Water

In addition to covering your pool, it is also important that you routinely inspect your landscape and identify other areas of pooled water that could become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Ponds, bird baths, and fountains have become more popular as backyard additions. Before installing one of these, weigh the potential risks with rewards. You will also want to look for areas in your lawn that collect water due to poor drainage. Take action to remove these areas of water and correct the cause of it.

  1. Hire a Professional

Depending on where you live in New Jersey or the terrain of your backyard, you may need to hire professional help. This is especially true if you live near a wooded area or body of water. Lawn care or pest control professionals can apply treatments monthly that prevent mosquitoes from invading your backyard.

If you need help getting rid of or preventing mosquitoes in your yard, contact Perennial Lawn Care Services today. We can customize a lawn care program or pest control specific to your lawn’s needs. Our team is ready to help you reclaim your backyard and enjoy your time outdoors this summer.

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