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6 Ways to Enjoy Your Own Backyard This Winter

These cold, New Jersey temperatures have many families looking forward to building a fire in their fireplace, making hot chocolate, and enjoying some downtime. For those tired of being stuck indoors, there are still plenty of activities that individuals can partake in to enjoy your own backyard this winter season. Discover six ways your family can have some fun outside here!

Six Tips to Enjoy Your Own Backyard this Winter

Build an outdoor fire.

Those that have fire pits at home can still enjoy their backyard while staying warm. Gather your family, chairs, blankets, and supplies, and spend the evening talking and cooking over an outdoor fire.

Go sledding.

Sledding is an activity that individuals, young and old, can enjoy. Families lucky enough to have hills or a sloped driveway at home can spend time sledding. If you don’t have any sloped areas at home, check local parks, or spend the day with neighbors who do.

Build a snowman.

Since we are lucky enough to experience snow in the northeast, building a snowman is an easy and fun activity. Roll three different size snowballs, stacking them largest to smallest. Then look for fun things from the house to complete the outfit, like buttons for eyes, charcoal for buttons, a scarf, hat, carrot for the nose, and sticks for arms!

Build a fort.

Competitive families may enjoy building snow forts. Separate your family into teams and then build two different forts a few yards from one another. From there, teams can embark on the ultimate snowball fight. You can make it more interesting by adding flags, where the goal is to steals the other’s flag.

Include kids in shoveling.

With a heavy snowfall, the responsibility of having to shovel becomes a top priority. Make it a family event to get it accomplished more quickly. Including kids not only helps them understand the work, but it also gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Go on a nature walk.

After the snow falls is a great time to go on a walk to look for signs of nature, including animal footprints and snow on the trees while enjoying the peacefulness of the outdoors.

Protect Your Lawn

Your grass is especially brittle during the cold months of winter, so we recommend limiting too much activity and traffic to avoid permanent damage. To keep your lawn looking its best, limit the amount of time you spend doing these activities on the grass. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the location. Your deck, sidewalks, patio, and driveway are all great spaces to build snowmen, forts and start a snowball fight this winter.

Perennial Lawn Care is counting down the days to Spring and warmer temperatures with you! To learn more about lawn care and pest control programs we offer, contact us today!

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