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These Fall Flowers Will Transform Your Yard’s Look

As the air turns crisp and cool, leaves change colors, and pumpkins can be found on many porches, many think that planting season has come to an end. For some, the cooler temperatures are a good reason to stay inside, but there is still time to plant fall flowers and add some color to your yard.

There are plenty of fall flower options available at local greeneries and nurseries, but knowing which ones will flourish can be tricky. Especially if you don’t have a green thumb. These fall flowers are not only easy to care for but will transform your yard’s look as well.


More commonly known as mums, these plants come in many fall shades including yellow, orange, and red. Since they spread when blooming, these are a great solution to open spaces in a garden and require little effort to maintain. Plus they keep deer away which is sometimes necessary in New Jersey.

Obedient Plant

This plant produces pink and white clusters of flowers which can offer a nice break from fall colors. The best place to plant these flowers are areas that have plenty of room as they spread a great deal. The area should also typically be shady and moist.


A common fall addition for gardens, the crocus blooms rather quickly after planting and adds a deep purple hue to the garden. Since they only need a small amount of moisture and sunshine, they are a popular low-maintenance solution.


These fiery red funnel-shaped flowers bloom in the fall and are a favorite of hummingbirds. These flowers spread quickly, so start small and prepare to separate every few years to add color throughout the property.

Christmas Rose

A Christmas rose thrives in shaded areas and is the perfect addition to welcome holiday guests this season. It blooms from December through March. Since it is a perennial, Christmas rose will return year after year.


Asters are another perennial option that you only have to plant once and watch them return annually. The flowers are available in a variety of colors but always have a yellow center. Asters love the shade and are perfect for any shady areas on your property.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

If you have a soft spot for vines, this is the ideal fall plant. Sweet Autumn Clematis produces white, star-shaped flowers and can sprawl up to 30-feet. They are perfect if you are looking to add some color to a fence and can be pruned when they reach the desired length.


Snowdrop is another winter bloom that should be planted in the fall. It can withstand the New Jersey winters and produces white blooms.

These are just a few fall flowers that you can plant to spruce up the exterior of a home. If you have questions or lawn care needs, contact the professionals at Perennial Lawn Care today.

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