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Core Aeration Benefits To Maximize Your Lawn Health

Properly maintaining your New Jersey lawn helps keep it looking green and healthy throughout the year. A healthy, beautiful lawn is not only welcoming, but it also increases your property’s value and curb appeal. Core aeration is a great way to maintain your landscape and keep your lawn looking its best.  

Core aeration is the mechanical process of removing cores or pieces of soil and thatch from your grass so that oxygen, water, and nutrients can flow properly. Aeration techniques vary, but the best way to strengthen a lawn’s root system is by using a lawn aerator that pulls 2-3 inch pieces every 3 inches.  

Once your lawn is aerated, you will see small pieces or plugs of soil lying on the grass. These will break down into the lawn after one to two weeks depending on the weather and amount of activity. Take a look at these five core aeration benefits: 

Healthier Lawn 

Just like we need the right nutrients and food to maintain our health, grass requires certain nutrients. Aerating allows these nutrients into the soil to properly feed the grass and grow a luscious green lawn. This is especially beneficial for lawns suffering from weeds, pests or diseases that restrict growth.  

Breaks up Compacted Soil 

When soil is highly compacted with minimal space between the particles, water, fertilizer, and nutrients can’t get through to the roots. By removing plugs of soil, you break up these compacted areas and allow these necessities to find their way to the lawn’s roots. As a result, the roots will grow deeper into the ground and become stronger.  

Reduces Thatch Build Up 

Thatch consists of decomposed roots and stems that rest on the surface of the soil. When too much thatch accumulates, it suffocates the roots and keeps grass from growing. In the past, dethatching a lawn required using a rake to pull out the thatch. Core aeration simplifies this process and aides the thatch along in decomposing so your lawn can breathe again.  

Allows Fertilizer and Over Seeding to Do Their Job 

We recommend overseeding with the grass seed that best suits the property’s growth environment. Doing this after aerating allows the seeds to fall into the holes and increases better germination as a result. This is also the time grassroots can be treated directly with fertilizer.  

Helps Grass Survive Extreme Weather 

When your lawn is aerated correctly, it stands a better chance of surviving extreme conditions including waterlogging and drought because there is a stronger root system in place.  

The core aeration benefits are just the beginning of how properly aerating a lawn can help improve the appearance of your grass. It also allows other lawn maintenance tasks like weed control and watering to produce better results.  

If you are interested in learning more about core aeration, contact the professional lawn care team at Perennial Lawn Care today to schedule an appointment.  

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