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Controlling Dandelions On Your Lawn

As a child, the sight of dandelions in the backyard meant one thing, the possibility for an endless number of wishes once they turn into fluffy white stems. As adults and homeowners, a backyard full of dandelions isn’t quite as magical. These widespread lawn weeds are persistent and difficult to get rid of for good.

Part of the broadleaf weed family, dandelions are a perennial weed that spread rapidly. Dandelions spread easily from their root, meaning each year they quickly multiply, which is also one of the reasons they are difficult to kill. Floating seeds are the second culprit, causing them to spread for miles before finding a place to take root.

Tips for Controlling Dandelions

A dandelion’s root is six to eight inches deep. To reduce the possibility of dandelions spreading, the roots need to be eliminated entirely. The idea of removing hundreds of dandelions individually may seem overwhelming. Thankfully, there are additional solutions that you can use to control dandelions. In addition to the application of weed control, here are some other great ways to prevent broadleaf weeds from germinating.

Treat them at the right times.

The best time of year to treat dandelions is in the late spring and early fall. Prepare in advance by visiting a local home and garden center for supplies. If you don’t have the time; scheduling a professional lawn care team to treat the lawn is also a great idea. The best time of day to treat the grass is in the early morning, as the dew allows the treatment to stick better.

Avoid mowing the lawn.

A lawn should not be mowed during the 48 hours leading up to treatment and 48 hours after treatment. This assures that the dandelions will get the full realm of treatment.

Don’t water the lawn.

Watering the lawn in the days leading up to treatment can also negatively impact the results. If rain is in the forecast, reschedule the treatment for another day, so the lawn has time to dry.

Choose a cooler day.

One of the reasons spring and fall are best for treatments is because the temperatures are not as high as they are in the summertime. However, there are still days that can reach 80 degrees. When that occurs, your lawn is under stress and can’t handle treatments well. Instead, choose a day that the temperatures are less than 80 degrees.

Find your patience.

Getting control of dandelions is difficult and not always accomplished in one treatment. Some of the dandelions will start to wilt within one to two weeks if the temperatures are high enough. However, complete disappearance may take up to 30 days.

Bag lawn clippings.

Finally, it is a good idea to bag lawn clippings after mowing to prevent seeds from spreading and creating new roots.

If you need help with treating dandelions, the team at Perennial Lawn Care can help. Contact us today to learn more about lawn treatment options!

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