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Need a Retaining Wall? Know the Ins and Outs.

As we head further into spring, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your home’s landscape and look for areas that would benefit from improvements or upgrades. Does your backyard lack a focal point or seem flat and boring? You may consider adding a retaining wall. Retaining walls are often looked at as an addition that can spruce up a yard. What many individuals don’t realize, is that retaining walls serve a far greater purpose.

What is a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls provide extra support for areas of dirt that experience excessive erosion. These are commonly found in sloped areas and are built with a variety of stone, concrete or brick products.

Reasons You Need a Retaining Wall

While the primary purpose of a retaining wall is to prevent gravity from pulling soil downhill, there are a few additional benefits.

  1. Find usable land.
    Not every New Jersey homeowner is lucky enough to have a flat landscape with plenty of room to entertain, run, and enjoy the yard. Some properties have hills and uneven terrain that make it difficult or even impossible to utilize all of the space. Adding a retaining wall around these uneven spots can turn this land into flat usable areas.
  2. Prevent water runoff.
    New Jersey residents know that spring rainfall is unpredictable. Some seasons can bring tremendous rain storms that quickly ruin backyards. Retaining walls help prevent damaged land by guiding rainwater and slowing it down to alleviate grass flooding. It also helps to prevent flooding on properties susceptible to flooding from nearby bodies of water.
  3. Increase outdoor seating.
    Retaining walls create additional seating space for your family and guests to sit and visit. Having more available seating minimizes the need for homeowners to buy outdoor furniture and creates a more open feel in entertaining areas.
  4. Improve curb appeal.
    Depending on the materials you use to build a retaining wall, it can create an aesthetically pleasing look for your property. The more attractive a home looks from the outside, the better the overall curb appeal.

Signs You Need a Retaining Wall

If you notice any of the following in your yard – you might need a retaining wall.

  • Piles of soil and debris clogging drains and spouts or piles of dirt at the lowest point.
  • The soil around your home’s foundation seems bare because it is washing away.
  • Lack of available seating during backyard gatherings.
  • Excessive flooding throughout the yard.
  • The yard looks flat and could benefit from adding some height.

If you need assistance with your lawn care needs, contact our team at Perennial Lawn Care for additional information.

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