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Heighten Your Curb Appeal With Proper Trimming

Having a home to be proud of is a goal for many individuals. The front sidewalk is one angle that can help your home truly stand out. Does it appear dreary and dull or does it seem sharp, well-kept and welcoming? This first appearance or impression is known as curb appeal. There are many things homeowners can do to boost curb appeal, but our favorite has to do with landscaping.

Creating Better Curb Appeal

Do you mow, water, rake, and weed your yard every day, yet it still lacks the appeal you had hoped to achieve? Two of the most overlooked techniques in landscaping are the keys to improving your home’s curb appeal – proper edging and trimming.


Edging is the process of defining borders between grass and flower beds, trees, walkways, or other areas in the yard. It helps keep grass from taking over neighboring elements and creates a sharp appearance. For edging projects, you will need an automatic or manual rotary depending on your arm strength and how big the property is.

Keep the edger away from plastic materials to avoid damage and remember always to wear protective eyewear. The best way to edge is to follow the path or shape of the bed or walkway cutting a 1-1 1/2 inch well into the soil.

Lawn Trimming

Trimming a lawn removes weeds and grass that lawn mowers typically cannot reach. Lawn trimmers are available in electric, gas-powered, or battery-operated formats.

Lawn trimming should be completed every time the lawn has been mowed. Don’t cut the grass too low, instead match the height with the rest of the yard. Otherwise, it will look uneven instead of appealing. It is also important to wear protective eyewear as well as ear muffs to avoid damaging your hearing. Steer clear of tree trunks, plants, and flower beds. If you get too close, the string can nick the stems causing breakage and premature death.

The initial steps in properly trimming and edging your yard may seem like a lot at first, but once you start, it gets easier. Set a schedule to keep up with work through the spring and summer months to keep your yard looking top-notch.

If you are ready to boost your home’s curb appeal, contact Perennial Lawn Care today. We can help with customized lawn care programs to create the dream yard you’ve always wanted.

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