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Don’t Believe These Everyday Lawn Care Myths

A lawn is often a homeowner’s pride and joy because it offers a place you can work off daily stress and see results from your hard work. Everyday lawn care is also an area that everybody seems to have an opinion about – from how often you need to water it, to what type of fertilizer to use to which lawn service company is the better choice. Before you believe everything you hear, take a look at these six lawn care myths and learn the truth about how to care for your lawn.

Myth #1: The grass should be cut short.

Cutting grass too short can actually do more harm than good to your yard because it exposes the ground and roots to the sun. As a result, your grass can brown quickly, weeds become more prominent, and certain lawn diseases can occur. The proper length depends on the type of grass you have planted. Check with a lawn care expert to determine how low you should cut your grass.

Myth #2: Grass needs watered daily.

Getting into the habit of watering your lawn every day is another myth that can harm your lawn. Overwatering can cause grass to rely on and crave daily moisture. Too much moisture can cause lawn diseases and mold to grow. Instead of watering every day, choose to water your lawn every other day. While the difference may not seem too large, it will greatly affect the health of your lawn.

Myth #3: I should water the grass at the end of the day.

We all know that watering plants or grass in the middle of the day can cause wilting and browning. Some believe that watering your lawn in the evening is best to avoid these results too. But, night watering doesn’t give the grass enough time to properly dry and can actually spur mold or mildew. It is best to water the grass in the early hours of the morning instead.

Myth #4: Grass clippings are bad for the ground.

The thought that grass clippings can cause thatch to grow in your lawn is far from the truth. Grass clippings can actually help your lawn by acting as mulch and redistributing the nutrients and moisture from the cut blades back into your soil.

Myth #5: Leaves will suffocate my lawn.

It may come as a surprise that you don’t have to be so quick to rake the leaves this fall and winter. They won’t suffocate your grass. In fact, they are beneficial to the growth and health of the lawn, working as a fertilizer that encourages growth.

Myth #6: Fertilizing and seeding should happen in the spring.

It is a common mistake to think fertilizing and seeding is best done in the spring. These have better results when completed during the summer months when grass is actively growing. Contacting a professional lawn services company for advice or what your grass needs and when will produce the best results.

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