How Much Water Does Your Lawn Really Need?

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How Much Water Does Your Lawn Really Need?

How Much Water Does Your Lawn Really Need?

Summer is creeping around the corner, and you’re looking forward to adding some new landscaping elements to your yard: a new tree, and maybe some new shrubs and flowers. As you prep to move into the summer season, you find yourself asking, “how much water does my lawn actually need?” There are a few ways to answer this question, and today we dive into those options.

Lawn Watering in General

The ideal amount of water for a lawn truly depends on a number of factors, so there is no perfect number, but there are some general best practices that everyone can follow. First, it’s recommended during one week to water your lawn between one and one and a half inches worth of water. This is a cumulative number, so if there are three thunderstorms in one week, your irrigation system problem won’t need to contribute.

It’s also recommended to water your lawn a few times per week, but not necessarily every single day. A lawn that is watered a few minutes each day will develop shallow roots, which ultimately isn’t the healthiest lawn. If you water your lawn a little more infrequently, but with more water, it gives the water the opportunity to reach further into the soil and establish strong, deep roots, the cornerstone of a healthy lawn.

Lawn Watering Specifics

There are a number of characteristics of a lawn that impact the ideal amount of water it should be receiving.

  • Lawn Size: Obviously, a larger lawn is going to require more water to establish those strong roots that we mentioned above.
  • Heat Waves: Hotter weather requires additional water because when the temperatures are overly hot, its more difficult for grass to soak up the water that they need.
  • Unique Landscape: Trees, shrubs, flowers, and other landscape elements make a difference on the amount of water needed.


While there are some common watering practices that can be followed, like the one to one and a half inches of water per week, each lawn is unique, and that is where our experienced team comes in. We can help you determine how much and how often your lawn should we watered. We can also help create irrigation zones that ensure each landscape element gets the nutrients that it needs. If you want to ensure your lawn is getting the attention and water it deserves, give us a call today! All estimates are free.

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