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Picking Out Quality Grass Seed For Your Yard

When most individuals think about grass, mowing and weeding are the first things that come to mind. While both are important steps in creating a beautiful lawn to enjoy, the first step in growing that lawn is choosing quality grass seed for initial seeding and annual re-seeding. Not just any seed will do the trick, and since all lawns and soils vary throughout New Jersey, it is best to follow the steps below to pick quality grass seed.

Tips to Pick Out Quality Grass Seed

Choosing which grass seed to buy involves more than just looking at price tags if you want a lush lawn this summer.

1. Conduct a soil test.

Even the best quality grass seed will produce subpar results if the pH balance in the soil isn’t healthy. Gather samples from several areas you plan on seeding and combine them in the soil test envelope. Results take approximately 2-3 weeks and shouldn’t be ignored. If soil levels are not healthy, contact a lawn care professional for assistance in improving the levels.

2. Know your climate.

There are two categories of grass types, warm season and cool season. Choosing between the two depends on the climate of where you live. In New Jersey, cool climate grasses such as perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass are most popular. These grasses grow well in spring and fall seasons even though temperatures are low and can handle large amounts of shade in the summertime.

3. Consider the amount of lawn activity.

How much you plan to use the grass and what type of activities is another important part of choosing quality grass seed. Not all grass types can withstand constant traction. Kentucky bluegrass withstands constant activity fairly well.

4. Understand watering needs.

While not as big of a concern in New Jersey, as it is in southern regions, areas more prone to droughts can impact the appearance of the lawn in the summer. If droughts are common in your area, opt for a grass seed that doesn’t require a lot of ongoing watering to keep its appearance.

5. Calculate lawn dimensions.

One common mistake individuals make in buying grass seed is failing to calculate lawn dimensions correctly. This is a necessary step because there are recommended seeding amounts and guidelines to follow. To calculate dimensions, start with the lot size and then remove any non-grass areas (i.e., garden, shed, house, walkways) from the calculation.

6. Read the labels.

Don’t forget to read the labels for important details about the grass seed. Check the percentages for fillers and weed seed. The lower the percentages, the better quality grass seed it is. Check the germination percentage which is how much of the seed will take hold and grow. The percentage should read 85% or more for best results.

If you are struggling with creating a beautiful lawn you can be proud of, contact the professionals at Perennial Lawn Care. Many New Jersey homeowners already trust us with their lawn care needs, and we are ready to help you too.

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