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Tips and Tricks for Lawn Snow Removal

Very few homeowners dedicate time to their lawn all year-long with the intent to have it ruined when winter weather arrives. That is often what occurs after a year of mowing, fertilizing, treatments, and seeding. When the first big snowstorm arrives during the winter, the furthest thing from your mind is ‘what do I need to do to keep my lawn looking its best?’

Here are eight tips for protecting your lawn and snow removal this winter.

1. Install Markers at the Edge of Your Lawn

Since it is buried under the snow, many homeowners don’t think twice about. Unfortunately, you are not the only one. When the snow plow operator comes through a neighborhood, they rarely consider your lawn. In most instances, they don’t know where the road stops and the lawn begins. Too often, they damage the grass without knowing. Installing markers helps guide snow plow operators who have one goal, which is to clear the roads on how close they are to your lawn.

2. Clear Snow Quickly

If snow sits too long, it freezes and is more difficult to move causing you to use more excessive force than if you move it quickly. Once the snow is more difficult to move, it is easier to harm nearby grass with shovels and ice picks. Clearing snow every four inches keeps it more manageable and minimizes damage.

3. Plan Ahead Where to Pile Snow

Plan where you want to pile snow before it arrives, so you don’t put it too close to shrubs or trees. Snow piles can damage branches and plants causing them to die prematurely. Pick an area in the yard free of shrubs, plants, and trees to prevent unwanted damage.

4. Use a Snow Blower

Even though you have a good idea of where your driveway ends and grass begins, it can be difficult to determine once everything is covered with snow. A snow blower is less detrimental to grass than a shovel or plow blade.

5. Replace Sod Quickly

Even with the right planning, mishaps can occur. If you accidentally dig into the grass bringing out chunks of sod, replace them quickly. The faster you replace the sod, the better chance it has of surviving the winter.

6. Hire the Right Company

If you choose to hire a professional snow removal company to handle the heavy winter activity, ask questions about the equipment they use. Plow blades are rough on driveways and nearby grass. Look for a company that uses rubber on their blades to keep your property looking its best.

7. Use a Push Broom

When snow is light, a push broom is a great tool to remove snow, and it is not as harsh as shovels.

8. Don’t Park on the Lawn

Don’t be tempted to park on the grass when a winter storm is in the forecast. While it may make snow removal easier to manage, it can cause severe damage to the grass.

Contact Perennial Lawn Care for additional help in keeping your New Jersey landscape looking its best all year through lawn care and tree and shrub care programs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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