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Create Lawn Mowing Patterns Like A Pro

It’s no secret that the key to growing a beautiful lush landscape has everything to do with proper lawn maintenance. Mowing is typically a weekly task that homeowners look forward to every year. However, as the summer winds down, it can quickly become boring and monotonous. If mowing has become a task you no longer enjoy, maybe it’s time to channel your inner creativity with some new lawn mowing patterns.

Lawn Mowing Patterns

Using lawn mowing patterns is a great way to make your yard stand out. Many homeowners think patterns are something only the professionals can master. The truth is, there are several patterns homeowners can tackle with the traditional mower you already own.

  1. Stripes
    The easiest pattern to create is stripes. Begin by mowing the outlining perimeter of the yard. The next step is to decide the direction you want the strips to run – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Use a landmark as a guide, keeping the first pass through the yard straight. Once complete, turn the mower around where it is already mowed, lining up with the stripe previously completed, before mowing in the opposite direction.
  2. Checkerboard
    While similar to a stripe pattern, the checkerboard pattern requires a little more attention to detail and time. Start by mowing the stripes as explained above through the entire lawn. Once they are complete, create stripes the opposite way to create the checkerboard effect. Once it is finished, mow the outside of the yard again.
  3. Diamond
    To create the diamond effect, mow a diagonal line down the center of the yard and then mow a second stripe next to it. Once the entire yard has diagonal lines, you can mow diagonal lines the opposite way over the entire lawn for a diamond pattern.
  4. Spiral
    If you rely on a push mower, a spiral pattern may be more beneficial. Start by mowing an outline around the property. From there, align the mower with the outline, mowing a circle inside, continuing the process until you reach the center of the lawn.
  5. Get Creative
    Lawn mowing is another form of art that allows you to channel your inner creativity. Use your creative streak to develop customized patterns for your backyard.

Benefits of Patterns

In addition to making your yard pop, lawn mowing patterns offer additional benefits.

Reduces damage to grass. Regularly mowing in the same direction can increase your chances of, as the mower tires push down and compact the grass. If airflow to the grass is compromised for too long, it can cause dead brown spots.

Hide Imperfections. Lawn mowing patterns can help to hide imperfections in the grass because it pushes the blades in different directions.

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