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Why Mowing Leaves in Fall Beats Raking

Fall is a beautiful season that many look forward to every year. The red, orange, and yellow leaves are a breathtaking sight to see in New Jersey landscapes. That is until the leaves fall and cover the grass you’ve worked so hard to maintain all summer long. Once this happens, most homeowners start the weekly task of raking and bagging leaves. Before you dust the rake off, consider mowing leaves in fall instead.

Mowing Leaves in Fall

Instead of raking leaves this fall, we recommend mulching or mowing them with a mulching mower. A mulching mower has special blades that cut the leaves into tiny pieces, making it easier for the leaf pieces to get pushed into the soil. If you don’t own a mulching mower, you can still mow your leaves multiple times for the same effect. Mowing leaves in the fall offers benefits you won’t get with raking and bagging them.

Less work for you.

After a long summer dedicated to taking care of the lawn, flower beds, and trees, you deserve a break. Raking leaves is strenuous work that requires effort to keep up with weekly. Mowing leaves is still a task, but it doesn’t require as much physical work on your body.

Less clutter in landfills.

Landfills see a good amount of waste every year. Skipping bagging leaves minimizes the amount of clutter in the landfills and is better for the environment long-term.

Create organic matter.

When leaves are mulched or mowed, they can be broken down quickly by earthworms and microorganisms. As a result, organic matter is created that is beneficial to the grass and surrounding plants, helping the roots to thrive through the winter season.

Be the envy of the neighborhood.

Even homeowners that have a hard time leaving their leaves alone through the winter can appreciate the results. Once spring arrives, your lawn will have a beautiful, lush green appearance that your neighbors will envy.

When to Mow Leaves in the Fall

The best time to mow leaves in the fall is when you can still see some of the grass. If leaves are still falling at that time, it is best to mow several times in one week to make sure they are shred to an optimal size that is beneficial to the grass. Mowing when too many leaves have fallen can be difficult and may require you to rake them instead.


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