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Learn the Proper Care for Your Christmas Tree This Season

One of the best centerpieces of any home during Christmas is the tree. From finding the perfect one to decorating it, to enjoying the ambiance it provides when lit, Christmas trees are the heart of your decor for the season. Live trees are a favorite tradition for many that require a bit of TLC through the season to keep them healthy and thriving. You may not be looking for more work, but we promise it isn’t as hard as you think. Here are tips to help you care for your Christmas tree this season.

Buying the Right Christmas Tree

To assure you have a healthy and vibrant tree on Christmas morning, it is essential to buy a healthy tree. Look for a nursery that cuts trees daily or allows you to cut your own, so you don’t go home with a dried out tree. Before picking a tree, look at the ground. If there are piles of needles near the tree, it is a sign that the tree is not in good health and you need to pick a different one or a different location.

Tips for Indoor Care

Once the tree is home, there are a few steps you can take to care for your Christmas tree throughout the season.

  1. Acclimate the tree to warmer temperatures.
    Taking a tree from the cold temperatures to the warmth of indoors can cause significant shock. It is best to store the tree in an indoor area with no heat to let it adjust to change in temperature. Clear a spot in the basement or garage and let the tree sit for 24-48 hours.
  2. Saw the trunk first.
    When a tree is first cut, pitch leaks out and seals the pores blocking any water. By cutting a few inches off the trunk, the pores reopen and allow water to find its way into the tree.
  3. Choose the right location.
    Pick an area in your home that is not near any heating sources or vents. Too much heat can cause the tree to dry out and lose needles prematurely. In addition, consider the amount of traffic that passes by the area. While you want the tree to be seen, you don’t want to risk it being knocked over easily because it is in a high-traffic or cluttered area of the house.
  4. Water often.
    Watering the tree is crucial to its longevity. When trees are first brought indoors, they can consume a gallon of water in just 24 hours. It is important to make sure the water never gets below the base of the tree, so it has the moisture it needs to keeps its needles, smell, and vibrant color.

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