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Getting Your Yard Ready For Fall

When fall arrives, most homeowners stop thinking about lawn care and start preparing inside for the arrival of winter and the holiday season. Even as temperatures fall, lawns still need some attention. The steps homeowners take in getting the yard ready for fall directly impacts what it will look like when spring arrives. Before you put the tractor away for good, take a look at these fall lawn care tips that you can’t afford to ignore.

Six Tips to Get your Backyard Ready for Fall

  1. Continue mowing the lawn.
    When the weather cools off, and the grass stops growing as fast, many homeowners decide to stop mowing. Mowing is still important during the fall because the grass will grow until the first frost. When it goes too long without being mowed, it is more susceptible to fungi and mold. It is also just as important that you mow it to an adequate height of three inches tall. This height encourages healthy root growth, which can withstand the harshness of winter.
  2. Get rid of the leaves.
    While autumn leaves are pretty to look at, letting them pile in your yard can be detrimental to the health of the grass. In addition to blocking sunlight, too many leaves also lock moisture under the leaves, creating a breeding spot for mold and lawn disease. Schedule an ongoing fall yard cleanup and rake often, until all leaves have been removed from the backyard.
  3. Aerate and seed the soil.
    Over time, your soil becomes compacted, which prevents oxygen, water, and nutrients from finding their way to grassroots. Compacted soil eventually leads to a thatch-covered lawn that also prevents roots from receiving the nutrients they need to survive. Fall is a great time to aerate and seed your grass. Aerating a lawn pulls plugs of soil that allow water, seeds, and nutrients to find their way into the ground quickly.
  4. Apply fertilizer.
    Applying fertilizer in the fall is recommended because even though grass leaves grow slower, roots continue to grow quickly. The fertilizer will aid in root growth and give the grass a reserve of nutrients it can use in the spring.
  5. Fill in the bare spots.
    Bare spots make a lawn look patchy and bald. These spots also encourage weed growth, which is why it is vital to overseed them. Fall is a great time to apply seed because the ground is still warm and encourages growth with adequate moisture and sunlight. Use a rake to scratch soil loose in bare spots before applying seed to the area, press down the ground over the seeds, and water adequately for two weeks after seeding.
  6. Treat for weeds.
    If broadleaf weeds took over your backyard this summer, fall is the best time to regain control. Applying a weed treatment now will help keep weeds, like dandelions, away come spring and summer next year.

If you are unsure about when or how to handle any of these important backyard tasks, contacting a professional lawn care company is the way to go. They can help guide you, making sure nothing goes overlooked. Contact the professionals at Perennial Lawn Care today to get ready for fall!

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