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5 Hot Tub Maintenance Tips You Need to Know This Winter

These short, cold winter days in New Jersey usually force many residents to spend more time indoors than they’d like. Those that have a hot tub at home may consider winterizing it for the colder months, but plenty of people choose to enjoy their hot tub all winter long. The key to enjoying it during the winter is proper hot tub maintenance. Here are some hot tub tips individuals can use to help decide whether or not to use it in the winter.

Should I Close My Hot Tub this Winter?

Since it is colder outside, it is essential to understand that water will take longer to heat, which can cause energy costs to increase. If you decide to close it, remember to drain it entirely before the temperatures drop below freezing to avoid frozen pipes and damage.

Winter Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

For those who decide to use it during the winter, here are five hot tub maintenance tips to follow.

Switch the water.

Changing the water every season is the best way to clean the hot tub properly. Once you drain the water, make sure you sanitize and clean the tub before refilling. This step is easiest during the late fall, and early winter since temperatures are more tolerable.

Take steps to protect the surrounding landscape.

The lawn and landscape surrounding a hot tub are more susceptible to damage during the winter season. Not only can overflow cause mud, but the warm water can be a shock to frozen grass, plants, and shrubs. Place tarps around the tub when it is in use or consider changing the landscape to stone or pavers.

Inspect the cover.

Now is a great time to inspect the hot tub cover for cracks, holes, or malfunction. A cover keeps the water warm when it’s not in use. Not having a functional cover leads to warm temperatures escaping and an increase in energy usage to keep the water at the set temperatures.

Check water levels.

The hot tub pump and heater only run when water is at a certain level. If the heater shuts off, pipes will likely freeze as the water gets colder, which could lead to bigger headaches, repairs, and expenses. These water levels should be checked weekly in the hot tub to make sure they don’t fall too low.

Clean and replace filters.

It is also a good idea to clean filters at the beginning of the winter season. If they are too dirty or aged, replacing them is beneficial.

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