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Here Are 7 Of The Best Ways To Remove Fleas

Dogs and cats are known for the joy they bring to the families that care for them daily. Having a four-legged friend in the house also means you are more susceptible to unwanted pests, including fleas. When it comes to treating fleas, there is a common misconception that you only need to address the inside of a home and the pets directly. The truth is, once fleas are found inside, chances are they have already infested the backyard.

Getting rid of a flea infestation is a significant undertaking because they can hide in the grass, under furniture, and in trees. By taking the time to look for fleas in the right places, you’ll have a better chance of ridding them from your yard and keeping the fleas out of the house. Here are seven ways to remove fleas from your backyard.

  1. Clear the yard of all debris.
    Fleas look for shady spots to hide from the sun. Take a look at the lawn and remove debris they can hide under, including furniture, toys, and piles of leaves. In addition to things on the ground, trim branches and limbs from trees that block the sunlight.
  2. Find their favorite hiding places.
    In addition to shady areas, fleas usually make a home with their larvae within 50 feet of your pet’s favorite spots. Once you find their hiding place, you’ll know where your efforts are needed most. These spaces can also be used as a way to track their removal progress.
  3. Flood the lawn.
    Flooding the lawn with water is another method. Flea larvae cannot survive an influx of water. The water will kill the eggs, as well as wash away any adult fleas so they can’t relay eggs.
  4. Apply insecticides.
    Since you have a dog or cat, it is best to choose an insecticide that is environmentally friendly or safe for pets. The pesticide can be sprayed on the lawn, paying particular attention to their favorite hiding places you’ve found. Follow the listed directions, which include wearing a mask, not letting anybody on the lawn after application, and reapplying as necessary.
  5. Or try a natural approach.
    Several natural approaches can work. The first is to add a flea’s predator, the nematode to your backyard. These are small worms that hunt fleas and ticks by infecting them with bacteria, killing them within 48 hours. Another option is using cedar chips in the yard. Fleas do not like the smell of cedar and won’t enter your yard with these. Sprinkle them in the flea’s favorite hiding spaces, as well as along your fence and around trees to keep new fleas from entering.
  6. Keep animals away.
    Animals carry fleas with them, so it is best to keep the neighborhood animals out of your lawn, including any strays to prevent re-infestation.
  7. Contact lawn care experts.
    Whether you lack the time or the patience it takes to get rid of fleas in the backyard, contacting a lawn care expert is always a great option. They have the experience and knowledge required to get rid of fleas for good.

If fleas have taken over your yard, contact the team at Perennial Lawn Care to learn more about our pest control applications today!

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