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Keep Up With Pest Control Application All Season

With fall just around the corner, most New Jersey residents are thinking about back-to-school activities, falls sports, and cool, crisp air. It’s that time of year when so much is happening that we tend to put lawn care and pest control on the back burner, thinking it is no longer an important activity. But pest control application isn’t just for spring and summer months.

To keep unwanted bugs and pests away, you still need a late-season pest control application. Here is why:

  1. Insects are more active in the late summer and fall.
    Insects aren’t dormant in the late summer or fall like many think. In fact, mosquitoes and beetles are more active during these seasons.Mosquitoes thrive in cooler weather which is why they are active during summer nights. The cooler temperatures at the end of summer make the daytime hours just as welcoming. Even beetles can be extremely active during these months, especially if your lawn is already infested with grubs. The fall is the time the larvae hatch and feed on the roots of the grass. When your grass is left untreated this late in the season, it allows the grubs and larvae to destroy your green oasis.
  2. Sets you up for a better spring.
    By treating your lawn in the late summer and early fall, your lawn is set up for better success come springtime, because the lawn destroying insects don’t get the opportunity to take control. Homeowners often don’t see the harm of prolonging a late summer pest control application until spring when the grass shows brown patches instead of being the green color it once was.
  3. Allows you to enjoy the backyard longer.
    Backyard bon fires are a favorite for New Jersey residents in the later summer and early fall. But with roasting marshmellows often comes the accompaniment of bugs. Mosquitoes can quickly turn these memorable activities into miserable evenings. When you continue pest control applications in the late summer, your family and friends can continue to gather in the backyard.
  4. Don’t let your hard work go to waste.
    By continuing pest control applications, you can keep your yard looking its best throughout the fall. You work hard all summer to maintain your lawn and keep it looking sharp and welcoming. Skipping a late summer treatment can quickly send your yard back in time and erase all your efforts.

If you don’t have a late season pest control application scheduled, it is not too late to contact the team at Perennial Lawn Care today. We help many New Jersey homeowners in late summer and fall with pest control, and we can help you too.

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