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Check Out What These Natural Insect Repellent Plants Can Do

If there is anything that can ruin a backyard gathering, it is the presence of pesky bugs. Before you head to the store for insect repellant supplies that can leave behind an overwhelming smell and require continued application, you should consider natural insect repellent plants.

There are plenty of plants you can add to your backyard that repel insects naturally and don’t require constant upkeep. The essential oils in these plants release an aroma that many insects don’t care for and tend to avoid areas where they are planted. If you have a dream of an insect-free backyard, try adding one of these natural insect repellent plants.


Petunias are a beautiful addition to any yard and come in a variety of bold colors that make it easy to create a welcoming feel. These flowers are best to repel beetles, aphids, and squash bugs that are commonly found in New Jersey lawns.


Lavender is a favorite scent used for its calming effects. While humans enjoy the smell, insects like mosquitoes and flies don’t find it as appealing. Plant it next to entryways to your home and near your favorite gathering spots to keep the insects away.


Lemongrass produces oil known as citronella. Instead of buying candles every year, you can plant lemongrass in your flower beds or a pot to produce the same repelling smell and keep mosquitoes out of your backyard.


Some herbs produce aromas that aren’t pleasant to pesky insects. Basil is not only a delicious addition to recipes; it also keeps flies and mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor fun. Plant basil in your garden or near your windows and doors to keep these insects away. Basil can also be used to make a natural insect repellant by letting fresh leaves steep in boiling water, removing, and adding 4 ounces of vodka to the mixture.


Rosemary is another herb that serves multiple purposes including adding flavor to your meals and keeping pests away. By planting rosemary in your backyard, you repel mosquitoes and bugs that can harm your vegetable plants in the summer and fall.


Sage is a beneficial addition to your backyard. It repels mosquitoes simply by growing in your yard. But, you can also add it to your nightly fire to burn a stronger scent. This will ensure that bugs, including ticks, will stay far away.


Marigolds are known to keep rabbits out of vegetable gardens, but they also repel mosquitoes and aphids with their unpleasant smell.


Not everybody enjoys the intense aroma of garlic including mosquitoes. Some believe that eating garlic keeps bugs away while others choose to rub the garlic directly on their skin.

If you are struggling with pests in your backyard, try one of these natural insect repellent plants or contact Perennial Lawn Care to learn more about our insect repellent programs today.

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