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Deep Root Fertilization Process For Trees

Many New Jersey homeowners choose to plant trees in their backyards for shade, color, and even to break up the monotony of a flat landscape. Just as lawns need adequate attention all year long, so do trees. Fertilization, pruning, and watering each play an important role in how well a tree grows. Since trees have much deeper and larger roots than grass, they require a more intense fertilization process known as deep root fertilization.

The deep root fertilization process for trees uses a liquid fertilizer that is injected into the soil, giving it a better chance to reach the roots. The extent of the process depends on how many trees or shrubs are located in the area. More trees mean the underground root system is more complex and will require more fertilization to get the best results.

Benefits of the Deep Root Fertilization Process for Trees

Traditional methods have you apply the fertilizer to the grass at the base of the tree. When homeowners choose this method, they won’t see the best results because the fertilizer reaches the grass, soil, and weeds in the area first. When the deep root fertilization process for trees is used, there are several benefits:

  1. Increased root growth.
    Healthy roots are the secret to trees lasting their expected lifetime. As you directly feed the roots, they grow deeper and stronger making it harder for them to die off.
  2. Improves soil conditions.
    Before you use deep root fertilization, it is a good idea to conduct a soil test or have a professional lawn care company conduct one. A soil test shows which nutrients the dirt is lacking and helps you choose the best fertilizer.
  3. Aerates the soil.
    Since the deep root process is completed by injecting the fertilizer into the ground, you are also aerating the lawn at the same time. Aerating the soil decreases compaction and allows water and nutrients to flow more freely to the roots.
  4. Increases resistance to disease and weather.
    Healthier roots also mean that trees will be less susceptible to damage from disease and the harsh elements that come with bad weather. Fertilizer will give your trees a fighting chance.
  5. More robust foliage.
    Trees with beautifully vibrant and robust foliage are a sight to see. The deep root fertilization process can help you achieve the growth and development necessary for this foliage.

Take care of your trees this spring with the deep root fertilization process. If you have questions about your soil or lawn care needs, contact the team at Perennial Lawn Care for more information!

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