When Should I Allow My Pets On the Lawn After Laying Down Fertilizer?

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When Should I Allow My Pets On the Lawn After Laying Down Fertilizer?

We know it’s true; pets have a way of becoming an integral part of your family. In the spring, we start to look forward to the time we will spend outside this summer, especially with our furry friends. It’s time to prepare your lawn for success with springtime fertilizer, but you also want to know how to juggle you pets daily yard time while doing so. Today, we are going to dive into the impact of fertilizer and when you can let your pets on the lawn after laying it down.

Fertilizer and Your Pets

The fertilizers used by Perennial Lawn Care are never a safety hazard to your pet’s health; however, it is advised you leave enough time between application and the presence of your pets to ensure caution and to make sure the fertilizer is able to do its job properly.

Fertilizer usually contains two key types of ingredients: insecticides and elements. Elements that come from nature, like nitrogen, typically aren’t a concern. Rather, it’s the insecticides meant to eliminate other small animals, like chinch bugs, grubs, and more, that could impact pets. If your pet does happen to experience lethargy, diarrhea, skin issues, or any other major changes in behavior, you should contact your veterinarian.

Fertilizer Types

The kind of fertilizer used plays a big role in how long you should wait before letting your pet back into your yard. If the fertilizer comes in pellet form, you should wait at least one full day before letting your pet into the area. The pellets do not absorb as easily as a liquid fertilizer. Liquid, on the other hand, absorbs more quickly, so pets can be let back onto the yard once it is clear that the fertilizer is absorbed.

Overall, if you want to play it safe, take your furry friend for some walks and to the dog park for a few days rather than the yard. Waiting two whole days is a surefire way to minimize potentially toxic exposure to pets.

The Benefits of Fertilizing with Perennial Lawn Care

When our professionals visit your home for a spring application of fertilizer, we can give you specific information about the fertilizer we are using and its ingredients. We can also tell you when it’s best to let your pets back into the yard. Take the guesswork out of fertilizer this spring. Give us a call at 973.423.1500, or contact us online today!

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