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It’s Time To Start Asking Yourself “Where Do Ticks Hide?” Before Its Too Late

Ticks are a common concern in New Jersey during summer months, causing many residents to take necessary precautions to protect their pets and children from bites. But just because the summer season is winding down, doesn’t mean that ticks will simply disappear. They are still present especially in the Northeast. Before you head outside, it is essential that you know where ticks hide.

Where do ticks hide?

Here are the four common places ticks hide in the fall:


There is a common disagreement on whether ticks live in trees or not. While not normally, ticks sometimes can crawl into shrubs or trees if the grass around them is tall enough to reach. In the fall months, as homeowners tend to put off mowing the grass, it is more common for ticks to find their way into shrubs and trees. A partial solution is to keep shrub branches trimmed back, so ticks don’t have a place to grab onto from the ground.

Tall Grass

When grass is tall, it offers the perfect hiding place for ticks since they prefer dry and shady areas for their habitats. You won’t be able to see them by merely walking through the grass in the yard. They prefer to hang out near the roots of the grass and are likely to transfer to your pets or pants leg without you knowing. The best thing you can do is keep your lawn mowed to a proper length year-round.

Leaf Piles

Creating piles of leaves in your backyard for little ones to run, jump, and play in is a favorite fall past-time. But be warned: piles of leaves are also a prime location that ticks like to spend their time. Underneath the top layer of leaves, they find a home in the dry and sun-free zone. Instead of leaving leaves in a pile for days or weeks, rake them quickly and dispose of them before ticks gather to make their new home.

Outdoor Pet Areas

As pet owners, we do our best to provide shaded outdoor areas for rest and eating. Just like these areas are prime spots for dogs or cats, they are also welcoming to ticks because they tend to be dry and shaded. This is also where ticks are the biggest threat to your furry family members. If you have outdoor pet areas, check them often, clean any bedding and remove dishes when not in use.

As we head into the fall months, don’t throw caution to the wind. Remember to use tick repellants on your animals and yourself and consider adding plants that repel them in your backyard. Perennial Lawn Care can help you with continued pest repellent applications to keep ticks and other pests away. Contact us today for more information.

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