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The Origins: Why Do We Need Grass?

A backyard should be a place where homeowners spend their evenings relaxing, entertaining, or watching their children run and play. While it sounds promising, yards also come with plenty of work and responsibility that leave many with the desire to get rid of it. Have you ever wondered – why do we need grass? It turns out that grass is more beneficial than you may think.

Why Do We Need Grass?

In the early days, grassy areas surrounded castles, making it easy for them to spot trouble before it arrived at the gates. Grass may no longer be used as a method of defense, but here are five reasons why grass is still beneficial!

  1. Curb appeal.
    Houses with beautifully manicured lawns are very appealing. Boosting a home’s curb appeal is especially important when it comes time to sell a house or request an appraisal on the property.
  2. Air purification.
    Grass is one of the essential plants that produce oxygen and rid the air of carbon dioxide, removing approximately six tons per acre each year, making it easier for us to breathe. Also, grass captures dust and pollutants that may be harmful to live beings and animals.
  3. Keeps the immediate area cool.
    Most homeowners don’t realize the monetary value that comes with having grass surrounding a house. Grass helps to minimize cooling costs in the summer because it keeps the surrounding area of the home cooler.
  4. Prevents erosion.
    Grass and its roots are firmly planted in the lawn, which helps keep it in place during and after rainstorms and high winds. Without grass, the soil would wash away, leaving the dirt uneven and patchy. This dirt eventually ends up in water bodies taking chemicals and pollutants with it, hurting oxygen levels and surrounding wildlife.
  5. Habitats and food source for animals.
    It’s easy to think of grass as something we walk on, but it’s also home to many living things. Grazing animals such as horses, cows, sheep, and buffalo also rely on grass as a major food source.

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