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Great Ways To Get Wildlife In Your Backyard

Many of us enjoy watching wildlife and discovering birds, butterflies, frogs, and rabbits in your yard is an almost magical experience. Creating a serene backyard that provides the opportunity to relax and reflect is a dream for many New Jersey homeowners. As these conditions don’t just happen overnight, a commitment to proper lawn care and putting in the effort are required.

Ways to Increase Wildlife in Your Backyard

Welcoming wildlife in your backyard requires some additional techniques other than caring for and tending to the grass and garden. Any yard can be transformed into a wildlife oasis; all you have to do is offer what the animals need, such as food, shelter, and water.

Like any good idea, inviting wildlife into your backyard requires a plan. The first step is to create a safe and attractive place for various types of wildlife in your backyard.


All animals hunt for food daily. It is important to understand the types of foods different species look for and need for survival. Common foods to put out or bushes to plant include nuts and berries, which will attract deer and various bird species. Filling feeders with seed is another great way to attract birds to the yard. Flowers are also beneficial for bees, butterflies, and attracting animals that eat insects. Avoid putting out kitchen scraps or seeds that have capsaicin in them, as they could attract the wrong type of animal or emit a foul odor.


Providing shelter is a great way to encourage wildlife in your backyard. Birds look for places to nest and typically prefer denser trees and bushes. Building nesting boxes also encourage birds to breed nearby. If you want to see birds year-round, consider planting trees that don’t lose their foliage in the fall, such as evergreens and juniper trees.

If you are looking for turtles or rabbits, add brush piles. Deer often look for quiet, shrubby spaces, where lizards or reptiles look for rocks to spend their time. To attract smaller wildlife like ladybugs and butterflies, plant wildflowers for butterflies, or build a nest of bamboo for ladybugs.


Just like humans, your backyard wildlife needs water to survive. Easy ways to add water sources include installing bird baths, small ponds, and shallow areas of water. Remember to check these daily to assure they are full and kept clean.

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