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Your Winter Lawn Maintenance Landscaping Guide

Homeowners spend plenty of time outdoors tending to their lawn and landscape in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Many choose to pause their efforts during the winter thanks to the cold temperatures we can expect in the northeast this time of year. Even though the grass is dormant this time of year, there is still plenty of winter lawn maintenance to be completed, especially if you want your property to look well-maintained all year long.

What Should You Plant in the Winter?

The biggest challenge to creating a breath-taking winter landscape is knowing what to plant that will flourish in the cold.

Flowers to plant

One flower that blooms in December and January is the Christmas Rose. The white flower has a hint of pink in it and creates beautiful blooms.

Trees and shrubs to plant

If you are looking to plant trees and shrubs that bloom in the winter, consider hemlocks and pines to create a scenic backdrop. If you are looking to add height and depth to your backyard, planting a weeping blue spruce or an Emerald Green is recommended. For color, homeowners should consider cranberry bushes, holly bushes, or crabapple trees.

Winter Lawn Maintenance Tips

Once you are finished planting, there are some steps you can take through the season to make sure the lawn is ready for spring growth.

Apply fertilizer.

It is best to fertilize a lawn before the first freeze of the season to help encourage growth when grass comes out of its dormant state.

Aerate the lawn.

Aerating the lawn in the winter is also beneficial to a lawn’s health. Aerators pull pieces of soil out of the ground, leaving room for water, fertilizer, and seeds to make their way underneath the surface and grow stronger roots.

Apply cool-weather grass seed.

Applying cool-weather grass seed in the winter can also help to create the lush, green lawn many homeowners strive for come spring. Look for packages at your local home goods store that say cool-weather.

Clear debris.

It is common for the last of the leaves to fall from trees during the winter, in addition to storms knocking down branches and limbs. This type of debris should be cleaned up throughout the winter season to prevent mildew, lawn disease, and pests from making a home in your yard.

Limit traffic.

Once the grass hardens and the snow arrives in New Jersey, lawns are fragile. It is best to limit traffic, including walking and driving on the lawn to prevent irreversible damage to grass blades.

Your lawn needs attention year-round, and the professionals at Perennial Lawn Care can help. Contact us to learn more about customized lawn programs for the spring, summer, and fall!

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