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Check Out These Landscaping Tips to Update Your Exterior

As the leaves begin to change colors to breath-taking hues of red and orange in New Jersey, many homeowners think they can take a break from landscaping. While the change in scenery makes everything look better, there is still plenty to be done heading into winter to help keep lawns looking their very best. We’ve listed some of our favorite landscaping tips below to help update your home’s exterior.

Add seasonal color to flower beds.

No matter the season, there are many colorful flowers and plants available to choose from. In the fall months, plant orange, yellow, or red mums to complement the changing foliage and make your home stand out. Mums are a popular choice because they are easy to care for, typically only needing space to grow and enough moisture to dampen the soil around them. Some homeowner’s plant mums in the spring or summer, which gives them ample time to take root and return the following year.

Add borders to flower beds

Another cost-effective way to spruce up flower beds is by adding a stone border. Not only are stones relatively inexpensive, but they also add depth and height breaking up monotonous landscape around the house.

Build a retaining wall.

Retaining walls are a great way to elevate or highlight areas of greenery or plants in a backyard. Retaining walls are especially beneficial to landscape because they prevent soil erosion from occurring.

Add outdoor lighting.

As the days get shorter and darkness comes earlier in New Jersey, many homeowners see the need for new and improved outdoor lighting. Additional lighting makes it easier to enjoy outdoor entertaining areas later in the year while adding an extra layer of security and safety to the property.

Spread mulch in the fall.

While spring is a favorite time to spread mulch, there are many benefits to fall mulching. Mulching in the fall helps protect plant roots from frost and freezes during the winter which also helps them retain moisture.

Remove dead plants

Before winter arrives, homeowners should remove dead or dying flowers, plants, and limbs. Cutting back dead blooms helps them rebud in the spring when it is time for growth again. If you have any delicate shrubs now is the time to wrap them in burlap to help them survive a harsh winter.

Plant trees and shrubs

There is still time to plant trees and shrubs until the first freeze arrives. Many nurseries offer trees and plants at deep discounts during the fall months because they want to clear their inventory before December arrives.

Try some of these landscaping tips this fall if you’re ready to spruce up your exterior. Perennial Lawn Care offers several lawn services including pest control, lawn care, tree and shrub care to New Jersey homeowners. Our company Sprinkler Surgeon can also assist with all outdoor lighting installations and repairs, to keep your exterior looking beautiful. Find out more by calling us today.

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